“Blow Your Socks Off” Direct Mail

Saddle Creek Logistics Services wanted a creative way to announce their new CEO. So, with a caricature of him woven into a pair of socks, this funny gift helped spread the exciting announcement. Check this out: Saddle Creek Logistics Services "Holiday Joy" Direct Mail

“Holiday Joy” Direct Mail

Saddle Creek Logistics Services sends a special direct mail to clients and prospects in December. This year, to showcase their partnership with dōTERRA® essential oils, they decided to include the Holiday Joy oil along with information about the companies and how they work together. It was a perfect item to showcase that allowed a seamless [...]

50th Anniversary Logo, Direct Mail & Collateral Design

To celebrate Saddle Creek Logistics Services' 50th Anniversary, we designed a special anniversary logo and a series of both internal and external campaign executions to help them with their celebration. A featured campaign direct mail included a custom designed music download card shaped like a 45 record that featured top Billboard hits from 1966. The album [...]

“Toot Your Own Horn” Direct Mail

Saddle Creek won their industry’s prestigious Quest for Quality Award and they looked to us for a unique and creative way to share the news. This direct mail project featured an attention-getting vuvuzela horn and a clever message to share the special news to clients and prospects. AMERICAN ADVERTISING AWARD WINNER
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