A Brand Refresh – What, When & How?

by Sarah Oak

What is a brand refresh? A brand refresh is a process that takes place when a company’s current logo and brand elements are enhanced through graphic design to provide a fresh and modern feel. This can be done by making slight but precise modifications to the font, color or texture of a logo, while retaining […]

5 Benefits of Hiring an Advertising Agency

by Michelle Ledford
Have you been bouncing around the idea of hiring an advertising agency? If you are not working with an experienced agency already, I’m sure you have at least thought about it. Having an expert team at your side can put you on a fast track to meeting your marketing goals and objectives. And if that’s [...]

A Quick What and Why of SEO

by Cindy Joyce

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of a company’s website in search engines results organically via algorithms set forth by Google. It’s a never-ending competition to stay on the first page of Google and keeping relevant content and optimizing your website and blogs with the right keywords and keyword […]

Social Media Stats for 2018

by Michelle Ledford
Social media has been a part of both our personal and business daily lives for many years now. It is an ever-changing channel for communication and one that is continually measured. As we evaluate marketing channels for our clients, we review demographic and behavioral data to choose the platforms that best match the audiences we [...]

2018 ADDY Awards

by Cindy Joyce
I grew up in the 80s, so when I was asked to co-chair and co-host the AAF Polk County American Advertising Awards, I couldn’t say no. The theme was I Love the ADDYs as a throwback to everything 80s! We always like to have fun themes that everyone will dress up for and this year didn't disappoint! Every style [...]

Make Time for a Mid-Year Marketing Check-Up

by Michelle Ledford

You’ve been busy juggling your customers’ requests, your department head’s demands and your team’s summer vacations. You finally take a breath and come to the realization that more than half the year is over and you are far from reaching all your marketing goals. Back in January, you felt optimistic about the new year, a […]

4 Essentials You Need in Your Brand Identity Wardrobe

by Allen Reed

When deciding to start a new venture, launch a product or “rebrand”, some people stop at the logo. They hire a designer who cranks out several options, pick one and off they go. Even worse, the DIYers type out a name, slap on a piece of clip art and call it a brand. A Brief, […]

Madden Brand Agency is Now MADE

by Michelle Ledford

With great excitement, we announce that Madden Brand Agency is now MADE! After working together along with our core team for many years, Michelle Ledford and Allen Reed have become partners in the purchase of Madden Brand Agency. So what led us to this decision? The opportunity to become entrepreneurs among a creative community in which we have deep roots, […]