We want your business to be successful, so we’ve designed some free tools to help you evaluate where your business is and how you could improve upon your current activities—so here are some free tools for you! Whether you need a brand check-up, social media ideas or a strategic marketing plan and website update, we’ve got some resources to help you out.


How do you know that your hard work is producing the results your organization needs when your to-do list is never-ending, and it feels like you’re racing against the clock? We understand that making a marketing plan can be overwhelming and hard to start. Using our experience with a wide variety of clients, we created our Strategic Marketing Plan Worksheet to target some of the most crucial elements that propel businesses to success. This fillable template outlines key components to get you started on the road to strategic actions with measurable results.



Marketing and sales teams alike benefit from understanding the journey a buyer takes before making a final purchase decision. From first realizing they have a need, to researching available products and services online, to selecting the company they want to solve their problem, buyers are actively seeking helpful information. Make sure the information they find is yours. We’ve put together a detailed worksheet to help you list the behaviors and stages a buyer moves through before they ultimately make a decision to buy from your company. Understanding the process through the eyes of your buyer will help you identify opportunities for touchpoints and new content channels.



A social media plan is crucial. There is a cornucopia of tools out there for you to use to manage your social media. One of the easiest ways to start is to use one of our favorite friends—the calendar. If you’re in the marketing world, you live and die by your calendar. Use one to plan social media, too. We’ve put together a detailed weekly social media planner that helps you map out your weekly content on six different platforms and—most importantly—takes the stress out of what could be one of the most important (and fun) aspects of your job.



With website traffic constantly on the rise, a user-friendly and intuitive website is more important than ever. Now is an excellent time to take a look at your site with fresh eyes to ensure it’s set up for success—and a website audit is just the ticket! But what is that, exactly?A website audit takes a deep dive into your website to find ways to improve it—from how user-friendly your site is, to technical items that can improve its function. Our DIY Website Audit focuses on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to specifically address a visitor’s full experience from their first interaction to their last and visual touch points like typography, colors, buttons and imagery. While website audits can get pretty detailed and technical, take these simple steps on your own to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your website.



Your brand is so much more than the logo you have on your business card and polo shirt. Your brand is the spirit of your organization and the feeling that people get when they think of you. All of us have connections to brands we are loyal to, but those devotions did not come without thoughtful consideration of who you are, what’s important to you and what motivates you. Branding, when done well, connects people who otherwise may never interact and helps form bonds to your organization that can last for a lifetime.Is your brand doing all it can to engage with people? Use our Brand Checklist to assess your strengths and weaknesses.